Advantages of pills for ED treatment

Erectile dysfunction is a specific state when a man cannot maintain strong penile erection and as a result long and full sexual intercourse. This condition is abnormal in the majority of situations. It is connected with the decreasing sexual vigor and appears with a lower libido, weakened orgasm and premature ejaculation. All this together significantly […]

Erectile dysfunction and its peculiarities

What is it? Erectile dysfunction is a condition when a man is unable to attain or maintain the erection for sufficient sexual satisfaction of both partners. While the disease, the sexual act and ejaculation are possible. The cases of erectile dysfunction are more frequent with age and are common for men older than 60 years. […]

How to support men`s health under the age of 40?

How old are you? Do you enjoy your lifestyle or do you prepare to change your life to a better side? Of course, you know, that men under the age of 40 must be more attentive in meals, alcohol and other things, because such period of time is full of risks. If you understand, that […]

Herpes. Symptoms And Treatment

Herpes a very common viral disease, which infected more than 60 % of the world population. At the same time it causes great harm not only to the human body, and also makes disorder in interpersonal relations between couples. Herpes is a viral disease, which manifests itself in the rash of groups of vesicles on […]