Herpes. Symptoms And Treatment

HerpesHerpes a very common viral disease, which infected more than 60 % of the world population. At the same time it causes great harm not only to the human body, and also makes disorder in interpersonal relations between couples.
Herpes is a viral disease, which manifests itself in the rash of groups of vesicles on the surface of the skin of humans. The causative agent of this viral disease is herpes simplex virus.
Herpes is divided into such types:
1. Herpes simplex type I is most often seen in bubbles on the lips;
2. Herpes type II is most often, this genital disorder;
3. The chickenpox virus is the causative agent of two diseases, such as varicella (chickenpox) and zoster (shingles);
4. Epstein-Barr can cause such diseases as infectious mononucleosis. Modern scientists have proven that the herpes virus affects the formation of tumor cells.

Genital herpes is sexually transmitted and is in the nature of the epidemic.
About half of women willing to born children are infected with the herpes simplex virus. Once in the human body, the virus settles in the nerve endings and waits until the occurrence of favorable conditions for its development. Such favorable conditions as: stress, colds, beginning of menstrual cycle, medications, large physical exercise, hypothermia, damage to the skin.

Symptoms of herpes

Symptoms of herpesThe manifestation or development of the Herpes Virus depends on the condition of the human immune system. The most common types of Herpes Virus is the first and the second type. They are transmitted through kissing, sexual intercourse, touching, using someone else’s personal hygiene products.
Herpes simplex virus can be easily confused with the common cold. Because manifest the same symptoms as a cold: fever, rash on the lips.
Herpes zoster is manifested headache pain along the nerve. After 2 – 3 days appear grouped vesicles along the nerve. First, the transparent bubbles with bloody contents, and after a time with purulent bloody content. All these symptoms are accompanied by fever, swollen lymph nodes. Neuralgic pain may last for 2-3 months.
The appearance of  the virus is manifested by eruption and accumulation of small bubbles with transparent content located on the inflamed area. The simplest manifestation of herpes is the appearance of vesicles on the skin (lips, mucous membranes of the nose and other mucous membranes on your body, on the eyes). The most severe manifestation of herpes is the Central nervous system in adults and newborns.

Methods of treatment

Modern methods of medicine do not give a complete cure from the Virus herpes. But there are several drugs that when taken regularly, suppress symptoms of infection its distribution. The Herpes virus goes into an inactive form, but with the weakening of immunity relapse. Before you start treatment of herpes should first consult a doctor and be tested. This files most often prescribed antiviral drugs.
If You have herpes manifests at least three times a year, the symptoms are manifested only in a small area of the lips, the duration of the disease not more than five days, you can not use drugs. With this development of herpes, it can be treated and traditional methods.

Traditional methods of treatment of herpes

Applying lotions of juice of celandine 2-3 times a day.
For 2-3 weeks to take an infusion of lemon balm. 2 tablespoons chopped Melissa to pour 2 cups of boiling water. To insist within hours, strain the infusion. Drink half a Cup 3 times a day before meals.


The use of antiseptics. They should treat places that could get the herpes virus.
You should not have any contacts with infected area of the skin, or if it already happened you should carefully wash hands.
Wash hands thoroughly after streets, public transport, touching money with their hands.
Use only your personal hygiene and keep them separately from the others.
Refrain from sexual contact during active genital herpes. If Youremissionis period, don’t forget to warn a sexual partner and have sex in a condom.