How To Improve Potency And Erection?

In a month, erection will become stronger, testosterone is abundant, potency is at high level, and sex will be great. How to have iron erection and lead bright sex life? Increase potency at home, using traditional methods and recommendations of doctors.

Much depends on quality of sex life. Men like to hush up and show no signs of anxiety about having difficulty in bed. This question is delicate, but very important. Decrease in sexual activity and quality of erection shouldn`t be hushed up. This needs to be done before it gets worse. Few tips on how to increase testosterone levels and potency at home. These are folk and medical methods of enhancing potency without medication.

How to improve potency and erection?

Here are some useful advices:

  • Water procedures and potency. Contrast showers have good effect on circulatory system and whole body. Trips to sauna or bath once a week also act favorably. Take a contrast shower every day if you want to be good lover.
  • Diet. Exclude from diet of harmful foods, fatty foods, fast foods. Go for healthier diet. Eat aphrodisiacs: celery, parsley, onion, garlic, fish, egg yolk, seafood, pumpkin seeds, nuts, corn, tomatoes, clams, honey.
  • Do sports. Take a run and sign up in gym. Sport will dramatically raise level of testosterone in body. This has great effect on sex.
  • Lead healthy lifestyle. Give up smoking, alcohol and other bad habits. Avoid stress and anxiety. Take time to rest and have good sleep.

Do Kegel exercises to improve potency and erection

First, determine where pubic-coccygeal muscle group is located. During urination try to hold jet, as if pulling back.

Muscle that stops movement is your goal. After feeling “erection” muscle, start training. Tighten muscle and hold for 5 seconds. Make 10 approaches. So 3 times a day.

Gradually affect muscle more. Hold 20-30 seconds, 20 approaches, 3 times a day. You can do exercise sitting at home, at work, in transport or any other place. Choose your time in morning on way to work, at lunch and on way back.

As a result of these actions, in month erection will become stronger, testosterone is abundant, potency is at high level, and sex will be great. It’s worth it.